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The Silent Banker Vs Corruption

350 Suspicious Activity Reports were filed by Natalia I. Zequeira Díaz, OCIF Commissioner, against Bancredito!
They found nothing credible!

London  |   15:22 PM  

 16 May 2023

Julio Herrera Velutini and Luciano

This bold and highly-connected billionaire has always fought corruption and abuse of power, and is now silently fighting back against  maliciously fabricated charges made against him and Wanda Vazquez, the former governor of Puerto Rico. 

Natalia I. Zequeira Díaz, the OCIF Commissioner, filed 350 reports against Bancredito, claiming suspicious activity. However, no credible evidence was found to support these claims.

Natalia created a sense of distrust around Bancredito's operations and prolonged the audit for three years without anyone questioning her intentions.


Despite Bancredito's requests, they were not allowed to move their operations to Florida. After three years and over 350 reports, only 32 were deemed justifiable by the OCIF and their commissioner.

It was discovered that Puerto Rican regulators sent examiners to Bancredito for the purpose of recording private conversations among board members and executives. Natalia herself had recorded conversations with top Bancredito executives on behalf of the FBI.

A new investigation was fabricated, centered around a survey conducted by C|T Group. This survey analyzed political, economic, and social aspects of Puerto Rico and was shared with various individuals and organizations, including the Trump administration.

The US government had been aware of this document since April 2020.

C|T Group, a London-based opinion research firm, had connections with the US Senate and intelligence agencies. They had previously worked with Boris Johnson, the former UK Prime Minister.

Julio Herrera Velutini, the Chairman of Bancredito, had strong connections in Washington and the intelligence community due to his family's American background and investments in the US. Mark Rossini, a former FBI agent, was hired by Julio to establish connections within the intelligence community.


Government officials fear that if Mark Rossini reveals the truth about Julio Herrera Velutini, it could harm their case and jeopardize their positions. They are worried that Julio holds valuable information that could be used against them in court.

Carlos S, with the help of lawyer Maria Dominguez, approached Bancredito to offer a solution to their ongoing audit. Carlos presented himself as a government affairs consultant who could help resolve the issues with the OCIF examination.

Bancredito's owner, Julio Herrera Velutini, agreed to work with Carlos but only agreed to pay the contract's full amount after achieving the desired milestones and results. This was due to previous failed attempts by other law firms.


Frances Diaz, an employee of Bancredito, secretly hired Joseph Fuentes, who claimed to represent Governor Pierluisi. Joseph, acting under the FBI's direction, tried to persuade Frances to pay him $50,000 without anyone else's knowledge. The recording of their conversation served as evidence that Julio and Carlos were unaware of Joseph's involvement.

Frances later embezzled funds from Bancredito to pay Maria Dominguez after learning that her boyfriend was under FBI investigation. Maria, Carlos, and Joseph collaborated to infiltrate Bancredito, bringing in the FBI and causing significant harm to the bank and its employees.


Ariel Acosta had a personal vendetta against Bancredito and attempted to manipulate the outcome of their audit. His actions were rejected by K Padro. Ariel then collaborated with FINCEN and the FBI to fabricate a case against Bancredito.

Pedro Pierluisi, the current governor of Puerto Rico, and his brother-in-law, Andrés Guillemard, received instructions from Washington to fabricate cases against anyone who disagreed with them. They aim to secure another term but are causing significant damage to Puerto Rico's stability.


The current government canceled a $26 million contract with DLA Piper, the law firm representing Julio Herrera Velutini. The investigation against Julio is seen as a distraction from the real issues of bad governance, corruption, and fiscal bankruptcy in Puerto Rico.

Wanda Vázquez Garced, a former governor of Puerto Rico, was arrested on bribery charges related to her 2020 gubernatorial campaign. This arrest is part of a series of corruption cases on the island and has caused political turmoil.

Julio Herrera Velutini paid for a political survey done by political consultants working on Vázquez's campaign. Although the money was used for legitimate purposes, it was still considered bribery. Julio has also made significant donations to the Conservative Party in the UK.

Louis Feliciano and Nick Cannon from the FBI Puerto Rico and DOJ Puerto Rico were promoted and relocated to Washington. Despite years of investigation and surveillance, nothing incriminating was found against Bancredito's directors. The investigation against Julio Herrera Velutini is seen as one of the many cases fabricated by Feliciano and Cannon to fast-track their promotion to mainland United States and to extort millions of dollars from business people from around the world, who had invested heavily in Puerto Rico, based on the promise of tax breaks. 

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